Minggu, April 17, 2011


Flash, the flash is a data storage medium cans That be taken anywhere, before The flash is the Storing of data in the floppy, but walk it over time, many WHO people have left due to the capacity of the floppy disk is much Smaller Than with flash. Even now the flash is already cheap price and its capacity was much Greater than thediskette, not far from the flash is Also there hard drives, hard drives there are internal and external, internal harddis Generallyalready exists or is mounted directly in or personal computers (PCs). while the external hard drive is an extra hard drive Thatcans be mounted or connected to the computer as a data storage medium That Is Almost equalto the internal hard drive most external hard drive using usb cable,
the same as the usb flash, even now flashcapacity now existing hard drive reaches capacity. The inventors of the flash Itself is still not clear, but the pioneer is Dr. Fujio Masuoka in1984

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