Minggu, April 17, 2011

Shortcut photoshop

you must know with applications for editing photos, pictures do not you?well, photoshop,adobe-made products is very much favored by editing image sranging from graphicdesign, animation, and who like to edit photos.In doing the work using the software, would have seemed a long time if you do not use the shortcut, if we know the shortcuts, so the time needed in the processof not so long.some shortcuts that I know, which is often used is:

ctrl z
Used to cancel a perintahterakhir

ctrl alt z
Also used to cancel the order, but can last up to 10 commands

ctrl c
Used for copying objects

ctrl x
Used for cutting objects

ctrl v
Used to display an image that has been in copies or at the last cut

ctrl d
Used to remove or turn off selection

ctrl a
To select all regions on an object

ctrl j
Used to Clone layer

ctrl n
Used to create a new document or a new worksheet

ctrl +
Used to zoom in

ctrl -
Used to zoom out

ctrl t
If we press this shortcut, we can change the size, dimensions, image rotation on thelayer you're working on it, if it is completed we simply press the enter key, or double-click on the image earlier.

ctrl u
Used to issue a form that is useful for altering the color

ctrl b
Also digunaka to display the form to change color

ctrl m
Used to change the colors and lighting also

ctrl alt shift s
Used for storing images in fashion "save for web"

Used to hide or show guides

ctrl alt;
To omit or delete guides

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